Navigating Life's
Challenges, Together

30 Years of Specialised Counselling Services for Depression, Marriage or Relationship Problems, Illnesses, & More

Trusted Psychologist in North Sydney

My name is David Brennan.

I work as a Psychologist at Unit 3 / 188 Pacific Highway, North Sydney 2060.

I have been working with people experiencing difficulties for over 30 years.

People seek my services for many reasons, including an event beyond their control, marriage or relationship problems, depression, ageing, illness, or just general dissatisfaction with life.

People often see themselves as having failed if they ask for help with problems, however, many situations encountered in a lifetime are beyond our understanding and require outside assistance.

Through listening and discussion, I help bring different perspectives to difficult or confusing issues. This can lead to a change in the way difficulties are interpreted, and aid in the natural development of better coping skills. These new skills may take the form of developing a different way to respond to a situation that previously appeared unsolvable.

One of the most important aspects of therapy is determining what blocks you from seeing your own solutions to problems. As people explain their dilemmas, they often gain greater insight into dysfunctional patterns, aiding the process of finding better ways to respond. By asking questions, often enabled the dilemma to be seen more objectively, leading to a clarification of what had been ambiguous. If an underlying pattern to a problem is not investigated, it can occur over and over again. Counselling helps identify these patterns, habits, and beliefs and aids change, which can assist in finding ways to better access your own inner wisdom.

David Brennan Psychologist